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Blog Post June 2022


The harder you try, the more you struggle, the creative ideas just aren’t happening today and you’re running out of time.  What are some ways to shake things up and find a fresh approach so the ideas start to flow again?  Here are six actions you can take to seed the clouds of your next brainstorm.


1. Break Your State.

Get out of your office or studio … or wherever thought has become stagnant. It doesn’t really matter where you go as long as you change your environment. A new sensory experience will help you process ideas in a new way. Go to Starbucks, or a movie, or an art museum … Someplace inspiring or just different. Then creativity is much more likely to flow again because it won’t feel as much like work.


2.  Escape with an Audiobook or Podcast.

One of the last times I upgraded my iPhone, my customer rep talked me into upgrading my package to include a pair of Beats headphones along with my purchase. They’re not the best for music, but I discovered audiobooks and podcasts and they changed my life. I’m addicted. There is a large number of creativity podcasts out there. Check some of them out. The Creative Life by James Taylor, and Light-Ning Bugs by Ben Folds, 


3. Go Down a Rabbit Hole. 

An internet search that leads to another internet search will spark your creative juices. If your search is a dead-end, check out my favorite band, OK Go. They’re famous for a viral video choreographed on a series of treadmills. I have to say, as fun as it is, it’s their least interesting video. Where I love their fresh sound, their videos are just as innovative. Fun fact: OK Go’s bass player is the original Steve from Blues Clues.  Also, check out their TED talk. This group is constantly fueling my creative fire.


4.  Clean Up Your Workspace. 

Sometimes doing mindless work helps you decompress. Sifting through old boxes and piles of papers might remind you of an old idea you had. When the pressure is off, you never know what might bubble up creatively.  If you’re still stuck, re-decorate or re-configure your room.


5. Re-Visit Old Workbooks and Journals.

This might be a time to re-commit to an old goal or idea. Or maybe given some time away, you’ll have a fresh take or solution. If you don’t jot down your ideas in a journal or sketchbook, it’s time to start.


6. Go Old-School. Hit the Books.  

Yes, sometimes creativity can come from something tangible; like an actual book. 


So, in closing, this is my parting gift to you. Below are links to some of my favorite books from my personal collection; some printed and some audiobooks. By perusing this list, hopefully, you’ll come up with one new idea or maybe even a brainstorm.  Good luck!  - Chris Fleck


The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe


The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection, and Courage


Listen to How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields on Audible.

Listen to Jim Henson by Brian Jay Jones on Audible.

Listen to Born Standing Up by Steve Martin on Audible.

Listen to The War of Art by Steven Pressfield on Audible.

Listen to Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace on Audible.

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