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As a Creative Storyteller, Concept is my strength.  Humor, when appropriate, is an effective attention-getter, especially on a tight budget. 


Chris Fleck

Creative Consultant, Creative Storyteller, Proven Builder of Brands and Viral Digital Content Yielding Increased Sales

I have always been a Creative Problem-Solver; cultivating skills I utilize in my present career: Visual Art, Music, Creative Writing, Puppetry & Theater.  While studying Art and Design at the University of Kansas, I would discover Video Production creating an audition tape that would score an interview with Jim Henson and the Muppets.


Straight out of college I became an award-winning TV Writer/Producer/Director at the local ABC affiliate.


One year later as Production Director at St. Joseph Cablevision (Suddenlink Media), I was Writer/Producer/Director for many award-winning ad campaigns. Offering my insight on branding. My loyalty to my clients created repeat business for my company. Sales were often closed by answering one question: “Is Chris still there?“ Some of my ads went viral, including the East Hills Mall Back to School commercial.


Many of my clients followed me as I opened Chris Fleck Creative Services, where, as a Creative Storyteller, Concept is my strength. I often use humor to make a point, but only when it’s appropriate. I’m a proven talent coach.  I bring out the best in my on-camera subjects.


I’m a Builder of Brands with the ability to go VIRAL and have delivered 30-40% in increased business. See Project – East Hills Mall Viral Back to School Commercial, which appeared on the 2014 season premiere of Ellen.




• So, a commercial shot on a shoestring budget is a big hit, and the guy who made it is laughing all the way to the bank. - Inside Edition


• The ad is brilliant - Today Show


• An AH-Mazing commercial, completely glorious! - Perez Hilton


• In the past two days, more than one million people have had "boots and pants and boots and pants!" stuck in their heads, thanks to a viral video – MovieFone


• 30-40% increase in sales two weeks after the commercial dropped. - East Hills Mall


• “Funny Guy !” – Dennis Miller  (Yes, the comedian.)






Chris Fleck Creative Services  2-16 - Present

Creative Storyteller and Branding Coach / Founder


Many of my clients followed me as I opened Chris Fleck Creative Services, where As a Creative Storyteller, Concept is my strength.  Humor, when appropriate, is an effective attention-getter, especially on a tight budget.  I’m a proven talent coach, bringing out the best in my on-camera subjects.


I enjoy helping my clients build their brands using a media mix of social media, creative writing, video content, graphic design, and illustration. 




Suddenlink Communications  5-90 – 2-16

The 9th largest provider of cable broadband, providing local commercials on 50+ networks to St. Joseph, MO and, surrounding area, (formerly St. Joseph Cablevision Advertising,)

Writer, Producer, Director


As Production Director for Suddenlink Media, I was Writer / Producer / Director and Visual Designer of many award-winning ad campaigns. My clients appreciated my insight on branding. The key to good creative is knowing it requires a lot of listening before taking any action.  My loyalty to my clients created repeat business for my company. Sales were often closed when answering one question: “Is Chris still there?“ Some of my commercials went viral including the East Hills Mall Back to School commercial (see project below) which appeared on the 2014 season premiere of Ellen.


For the last 4 years at Suddenlink, I was responsible for satisfying the entire sales staff of up to 6 sales reps and their clients.


•  Created effective commercials and established an exceptional relationship

    with clients generating client success, satisfaction and trust, resulting

    in repeat business for my company.


•  Exceeded internal and external customer expectations, provided a proven

    track record with sales staff and increased client retention.


•  Advised and consulted with clients building their brands to develop

   commercials that incorporated new ideas while complementing existing advertising.


•  Use of expertise in alternative media including; print, multifaceted

    understanding of writing, music, theater, comedic timing and design elements and was

    dedicated to clients' success which increased market share.


•  Enhancement of on-air product quality has a direct result in increased new



•  Value-added services for clients included; custom animation, original music

    and jingle production, artwork and logo design, voiceovers, vocals and on-camera






KQTV       4-89 – 5-90

Commercial Writer, Producer, News Production, Photographer


Straight out of college I became an award-winning TV Writer / Producer / Director at the local ABC affiliate where I was also a Courtroom Artist and Videographer for KC Chiefs games.






The University of Kansas – BFA Design – Illustration  8-83  - 5-88






·Freelance Writer

1995 – Present

I have contributed to several publications. Tuning Fork Magazine, The Mule, The Regular Joe and The St. Joseph Convention & Visitors Bureau 2014 Official Visitors Guide.

Freelance Writer



·Exclusive Jim Henson’s Muppets Performance Workshop

Apr 1988 – Present

By Invitation Only - New York, NY - Jim Henson and Jane Henson, other Muppet performers in attendance. Scouting Session: One on One Interview with Jane Henson, Roundtable session with Jim Henson. Muppet Performance Screen Tests and Tour of Studios & Workshop. We studied techniques in Puppeteering and took a tour of Muppet Studios.

 Exclusive Jim Henson’s Muppets Performance Workshop


·Chris Fleck Visual Art

Jan 1980 – Present

Freelance Caricature Artist, Illustrator, Painter, Muralist, Sculptor, Visual Designer, Graphic Designer, Portrait Artist and Graphic Designer


·Dennis Miller Radio Program

Jan 2007 – Mar 2015

Frequent Caller on Dennis Miller Radio Program. Contributed to Humorous Extemporaneous Discussions. When I can make one of my favorite comedians laugh I’m having a pretty good day.

Dennis Miller Radio Program


·Easthills Mall - Back to School Viral Commercial - Over 2 Million Impressions in Two Weeks.

Aug 2014

East Hills Mall - Back to School Viral Commercial 
Over 2 Million Impressions in Two Weeks
Creative Writer, Concept, Videographer & Editor


The Viral Mall Commercial

List of Media Coverage on Viral Mall Commercial

KCUR – Central Standard Interview

Houston Astros – MLB Network Spoof

SNL Dubsmash – SNL’s Kristen Wiig & Cecily Strong Spoof

Inside Edition:,AAABl3NGjUk~,c86X7VwaxEcvbEwp0x2EUNqPuskebuOs&bctid=3740705668001

Local Fox

Oh, YES. That's me on the Beat Box.





·Sports Videographer

1989 – 2006

Kansas City Chiefs Football for ABC Affiliate KQTV Sportscast Videographer / Photographer / ENG


·Creative Boot Camp

1998 – 2005

Established and facilitated Mid-America Cable Show's "Creative Bootcamp" - An annual workshop series of presentations and activities to inspire creativity in television advertising production.


·Sloppy Joe Show


Award-Winning Children’s Program 
Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Segment Writer, Producer, Director, Set Designer, On-Camera Talent



Jan 1990 – May 1995

Alternative Music Video Program.
Creator, Executive Producer, focus on Live Music, Concert Coverage, Band Interviews and Music Videos.


·Courtroom Artist

ABC Affiliate KQTV - On Staff Courtroom Artist for numerous trials.





Wendell Woody Pathfinder Award - 2011

Issued by Mid America Cable Television Association

The Wendell Woody Pathfinder award was established in 1997 to recognize an elite group of cable industry professionals who actively participated for at least 20 years and made a significant impact on the industry during that time.


New members must be nominated by a Pathfinder from a different company and be endorsed by a Pathfinder not associated with their company.  I had the privilege of being nominated by Wendell Woody.

Nominated as an Innovator in the field of Television Advertising


Countless Mid-America Cable Awards and

American Advertising Federation Addy Awards,

Including regional and Best In Show. 







Mid-America Cable Television Association

American Advertising Federation - Past President, St. Joseph


Volunteer Experience

United Way of Greater St. Joseph

Illustrator – Children’s Book - Success by Six "Destination Kindergarten" skill-building textbook

St. Joseph (Mo.) Chamber of Commerce

Workforce Development Group – Committee Member


United Cerebral Palsy

Recruitment Video - Writer / Producer / Director

United Way of Greater St. Joseph

Profit In Education Creative Media Group.  Committee Member

Writer Producer Director of award-winning on-air ads and long-form student assembly video presentation


Childhood Cancer

Illustrator - Creation of Birthday Party Artwork


American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

Volunteer Portrait Artist

Heartwalk Event Caricatures







  • Video Production

  • Broadcast Television

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Videography

  • Radio

  • Television

  • Video Editing

  • Radio Broadcasting

  • Video

  • Digital Media

  • Broadcasting

  • Social Media

  • Multimedia

  • Journalism

  • Copywriting

  • Broadcast Journalism

  • Radio Producing

  • Graphics

  • News Writing

  • Creative Writing

  • Illustration

  • Creative Strategy

  • Editing

  • Marketing

  • Writing

  • Art Direction

  • Typography

  • Graphic Design

  • Advertising

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Development

  • Tools & Technologies

  • Web Design

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Photoshop

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Storytelling

  • Acting

  • Client Relations Skills

  • Mentoring

  • Creative Writer

  • Artistry

  • Puppeteering

  • Visual Design

  • Jingles

  • Comedic Timing

  • Engaging Public Speaker

  • Producing

  • Social Media M

  • Shooting Video

  • Murals









Dotty Bainter 816-262-3084                                    

Former National Ad Sales Manager – Cablevision

Chris and Dotty worked together in the same group


If you are looking for someone who can develop winning marketing strategies for your products, Chris Fleck is the perfect fit for your any Creative Director position.

While working with Chris when he was Production Director at Cablevision Advertising in St. Joseph, Mo., I witnessed his ability to come up with innovative ways to help our clients achieve their sales goals.


He is truly an “idea person” who can develop new and interesting ways to grab the consumer’s attention and motivate them to either buy the advertised product or visit their location to learn more about it.

Many times he was able to connect with the clients in ways others could not because he sincerely wanted our commercials to work effectively and grow their businesses.


His artistic abilities allow him to create visually pleasing graphics and top-quality videos that are attention grabbing. With his understanding of people and ability to relate to them, Chris is able to create and write motivational ad copy.

He would make a great team leader. His sense of humor and good nature will help motivate his team members. And, they will enjoy working with him!


I collaborated with Chris on innumerable commercial productions when I was the National Ad Sales Manager at Cablevision. I will be happy to answer any questions if you need further information. You can reach me at 816-262-3084.



Dotty Bainter




Jeremy Hale   (816) 248-0155

NUCO2 Territory Sales Manager

January 17, 2020, Chris worked with Jeremy in the same group


Chris is a consummate business professional who understands that inputs facilitate outputs! His creative genius is unique, talent-laden, and fused with the proper etiquette and style unparalleled in the industry. He is diligent, thorough, motivated, and proactive in his creative efforts. Chris's work enters a fresh domain which challenges a status quo perspective. His work is constructive, thought-provoking, insightful, and reaches outside the box to ignite the imagination. He is relentless in his approach while his prolific work ethic breathes life into his ritualistic process and the imagination. Chris is a natural-born leader without an aversion to a challenge. Chris was a constant promoter and generator of new and repeat business. Every customer I worked with requested Chris as their producer. His network and footprint is abundant and ever-evolving as the new and repeat business I experienced working with Chris was constantly streaming, never-ending and always expanding. He leads from the front, values teamwork, provokes & embraces positive change, and will be a strong member of ANY team!



Todd Euler

Divisional Operations Support Director of Produce at Acosta

January 17, 2019, Todd was a client of Chris’


This letter is my personal recommendation for Chris Fleck. Chris put together many highly effective campaigns for our company as we were branding ourselves in St. Joseph. I found Chris to be consistently forward-thinking, tackling all projects with dedication and a positive attitude. Chris is very creative and was able to assemble content that expressed our message of being locally owned. Besides being a positive person to work with, Chris is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits



Todd Euler

Fresh Operations Manager | North Central Region




Marty Novak

St. Joseph City Councilman - - - Retired- Director of Digital Media at St. Joseph News-Press

October 17, 2017, Marty worked with Chris in different groups


I’ve known Chris for over 25 years. We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on a number of projects working for mutual customers in our different media. Chris and I were active for quite a number of years in the St. Joseph American Advertising Federation on the Local level, as well as the District and National levels. 

Chris is always fresh with creative ideas while keeping a great balance of practicality. It is always a pleasure working with Chris. He has a vast knowledge of his industry and is truly a master of his craft. I’ve see the magic that Chris has created and given the opportunity, he is certain to wow customers with the final results. If you have the chance, I urge you to take a look at Chris’ work, I believe the final products speak for themselves. 



Jay Nicholson

The Nicholson Agency

October 17, 2017, Jay was Chris’ mentor


I have known Chris since the early 1990s, having met because we were both active in the American Advertising Federation. I knew Chris was a serious advertising professional from our first conversation. He knew the advertising landscape and, like myself, approached his contribution to the industry through agency knowledge and top drawer creative execution. From there, we watched each other's careers develop and embraced our similarities. As years passed, Chris was awarded numerous ADDY citations of excellence, continuing to ever improve his skill and dedication to the field of advertising. Always quick-witted, and knowing the correct response to any advertising challenge, he paid homage to the industry via hard work and commitment. The culmination of his experience, combined with an undying lust for excellence, continues to show up in his work. To any potential client, my immediate response would simply be, "trust him." To anyone looking to employ Chris, my advice would be, "hire him." They will receive his undying spirit, dedication, and immense talent.




Melissa Koch

Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS #1716830 at American Portfolio Mortgage Corporation NMLS# 175656

October 3, 2017, Melissa was a client of Chris’


Chris and I worked together creating marketing commercials for St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity where I was the Executive Director. He was instrumental in helping us advertise and get the word out to the community and the commercials he wrote and produced became well known and recognizable. Ultimately we created multiple types and styles to fit the various donations seasons around our ReStore market. We found his style to be easy-going, creative, and most importantly timely. He has a real passion for what he does and believes that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. I have recommended Chris and his services many times over the years. He has definitely found his passion and niche.
Melissa Koch, past Executive Director, St. Joseph Habitat for Humanity
Currently, Vice-President of Development, Habitat for Humanity Kansas City





Michelle Herring

Media Consultant KMBC Channel 9

October 3, 2017, Chris worked with Michelle in the same group


Chris helped me help my clients for 10 years by creating effective advertising campaigns. He never failed to exceed the customer's expectations with beautifully shot and masterfully edited television commercials that he ingeniously scripted. I would recommend his creative services for your business.




Bob Green

Game Show Host

October 1, 2017, Bob was a client of Chris’


I hired Chris to do a mural at my newly purchased home and he did a great job! He's very creative, friendly and thorough. I would recommend him for any number of creative jobs.





Cynthia Leitich Smith

New York Times Bestselling, Award-Winning Children's-YA Author, Writing Teacher & Speaker

September 29, 2017, Cynthia Leitich and Chris were students together


I’ve known Chris since our undergrad days at the University of Kansas. Even then, he was one of the most creative people I’d ever meet. As a children’s author and graphic novelist, I work with videographers, visual artists, and art directors all the time. So, believe me when I say Chris is a standout, innovative talent. It’s been a pleasure to see his growth over the years, and I’m wowed by his formidable, diverse skillset and accomplishments.




Clay Johnston

Assistant Professor at Benedictine College School of Business; Chief Marketing Officer at Brew Lab, LLC

September 29, 2017, Chris worked with Clay in the same group


Having worked with Chris on a number of projects throughout the years, I can say unequivocally that his passion for great creative and client outcome is evident in every project, every day. The lens through which he sees the world is filled with humor and human curiosity, which makes his writing and storytelling fun and memorable. Chris's creativity spans across multiple disciplines: copywriting, music, design, video; his versatility can bring big ideas to smaller budgets.




Jeff McMillian

Director of Labor Relations & Field HR

July 4, 2012, Jeff was a client of Chris’


Chris developed some incredible graphics over several months for a custom training program event that I developed. Chris was able to take my ideas and work within my needs while exceeding my expectations with his talent and artistry. Chris is gifted, and he added valuable spark and fun to my program.





Bill Grace

Owner – Galvin’s Family Restaurant

November 3, 2017, Bill was a client of Chris’


Chris handled the creation of my video content for television and Facebook.  His campaigns were effective and brought us many new customers.  Chris, you did an amazing job as usual. Thank you



Liam Catherall

MS Director at Choice Solutions

July 23, 2019, Liam worked with Chris in different groups


I don't know of a more talented person that would bend over backwards to complete a project on time and with exceptional results. Not only is Chris a great employee, but he is also a valued member of the community. Among the countless hours of community involvement, I am most inspired by all volunteer hours to the school district; giving engaging presentations about advertising and artwork. Chris also created a massive mural at a local grade school that both honors the rich history of the school and the community as a whole! 

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