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Dr. Green Thumb Landscaping Services

Announcer:  It’s happened once again. Through a series of ill-advised decisions and pure neglect, that baron wasteland you call a lawn looks like a cactus farm.


Diagnosis?:  Your lawn has FLATLINED ... That's right, Skippy.

You’d Better Call the Doctor!


Dr. Green Thumb Landscaping Services will resuscitate your lawn so it’s the talk of the neighborhood, THIS TIME, for all the RIGHT reasons.


Dr. Green Thumb does it all - large or small, with the skill of a surgeon from fertilization and mowing to tree trimming and light construction.  He’s the specialist you need.


And Dr. Green Thumb will beat any legitimate bid by 10%. 


Dr. Green Thumb: “It’s OK, I’m a doctor!”


Announcer:  Listen to me friends, For quality work without compromise, Better Call the Doctor !!!! Dr. Green Thumb! 

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