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A Branding Guide for Small Businesses

3. The Secret to Looking Great on Camera


I’m a branding coach and videographer. When I show up to record someone, my first job is to change their perception of being recorded. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Everyone sucks at being on camera. The professionals just don’t let their mistakes defeat them.


One of my strengths is taking someone who doesn’t believe they’re good on camera and turning that around. And I can do that for you.  Below are some examples of my clients who promised me that they were going to be terrible on camera.


And you know what? They absolutely were.

But they trusted me and we managed to record enough good takes to put together an effective message and build their brand. As long as you don’t let the mistakes get in your head and ruin the rest of your performance, self promotion is a piece of cake.


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