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Father & Son  1x:30


(Home movie shots of families enjoying life at home.  The sound of a film projector is detected faintly in the background.  Father and Son are talking calmly.)


Dad:  Hey Buddy.  What do you see here?


Son:  It’s a family.


Dad:  How do you think they’re feeling?


Son:  Happy.


Dad:  Why do you think they’re happy?


Son:  Because they’re at their home.


Dad:  Are you happy when you’re at home?


Son:  Yeah.  I LOVE our home.


Dennis:  Hi.  I’m Dennis Lykins.  With many programs available I can help you bring your family the joy of homeownership.  American Bank of Missouri.  Making the place you and your family call home a reality.


Announcer:  NMLS #259517 Member FDIC, an equal housing lender.

The challenge with ABM was, their previous ads were only about numbers .  They weren't connecting with potential clients.  (:30 of the owner talking.)


The objective was to humanize their services by focusing on the way they affected their clients' lives.


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