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My Technique as an Artist

Blog Post October 2021

One day my 5-year-old daughter, Marissa (at the time, she's now 28.) tried to convince me she couldn't paint or draw.  I promised her if she would give me the day I would prove her wrong.  And I did.  It's one of our favorite memories.  However, she remembers it as the day Dad sat on her little chair and broke it to pieces.


Once I unblocked her mind of negative limitations, I opened her mind to paint shapes, edges and, colors, as she saw them, instead of preconceived notions of what she came to believe, were true.  "Eyes are not shaped like footballs", I said.  "Paint what you see."  And she did.  This is the same philosophy I share with my adult students in my attic studio on Saturdays.  

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