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Brand Repositioning:

Prime Performance Nutrition



Since 2004 Prime Performance Nutrition has been committed to the manufacturing of animal health supplements across the globe.  Using their pledge to self regulate by joining the National Animal Supplement Council, an organization with stringent standards, it was possible to rebrand them as leaders in their field, positioning them above their competition. 


Although Thoroughbred racing pushes animals, introducing Prime Performance's products, especially Maxum HA, a joint health product, to their regiment, demonstrates compassion.  Continuing with their pre-existing mantra, "Because We too are Horsemen."


To rebrand I began by defining the brand’s core values of warmth, and compassion, and then created the brand positioning. Although the pitch meeting to build a factory in Dubai was moved to Zoom, due to COVID, the choice was made to include a leather-bound handout, which is typically used for face to face meetings.  Shipping the handouts ahead of the Zoom meeting to each member, created the atmosphere of a face to face experience. 


Breaking the handout pages down to focus on keywords that highlighted each topic covered in the presentation helped the members focus on the important points made in the verbal portion of the Zoom meeting.  

A video was then created to kick off the meeting and set the tone, capturing the excitement and pride of ownership of Thoroughbred racing in Dubai.  The toughest challenge: creating a mechanism for the voice that allowed the brand personality to be relatable to the culture in the UAE.


My Role: Copywriter, Copy Director and Concept

Speechwriter for Client Meeting

Video Producer, Director

Art Director


Core value definitions
Defining, naming and describing the demographic
Positioning tag lines
Tone and voice creation
Brand narrative
Pitch Companion Guide
Brand video
Pitch presentation to lead Zoom meeting


At its heart, Prime Performance Nutrition is about promoting the health and wellness of animals. And about partnering with stables in protecting optimum animal health and wellbeing.  all around the world. It’s the winning Thoroughbred at the Dubai World Cup. The rancher caring for his best friend who helps herd his livestock.  The mounted policeman caring for his partner. It’s honoring your animals by providing the highest quality supplements available.  It's being competitive but knowing you've done your best to create the best opportunity for optimum animal health.


Prime Performance Nutrition  -  Pitch Video      4:45



The Tradition of Prime Performance Nutrition

In a sea of equine nutrition products, it’s important to find the right feed and supplements that will benefit the health of your animals.  Congratulations on choosing Prime Performance Nutrition for the past 10 plus years.  You recognize our passion for our product, because we too, are horsemen. We demonstrate our dedication to the health and safety of your animals through production processes audited by the National Animal Supplement Council(NASC), Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration(FDA). 


These establishments hold us to a high set of standards and regulations that promise you consistency of product and a true standard of safety.  We are committed to manufacturing the finest quality animal health supplements and delivering them to our customers across the globe.  Just like you, we know, the healthiest horse has the best opportunity to reach its peak performance.

We are experts in animal nutrition so we have Science on our side.  You can trust our research-based formulation with ingredient safety as a key factor, where ingredient combination allowances are maximized but are not exceeding nominal requirements. Raw materials used in the formulation process are independently certified and assayed for quality and purity. This information is listed on every label as Guaranteed Analysis stated on a per-serving basis.  Finished products are not only run through palatability studies but also utilization studies through tissue store(Hair analysis) and blood testing. Prime Performance Nutrition is dedicated to the health and success of your animals. 


The Zabeel Feed Mill - Prime Performance Nutrition Partnership

Throughout the evolution of horse racing in Dubai from Nad Al Sheba to now Meydan, Dubai is looked to as the epicenter of horse racing.  Performance Nutrition has played a role in these trainers programs from nearly the beginning.  The implementation of our leading product, Maxum HA has been a proven asset to Zabeel Stables for joint health and performance which is, of course, a key to winning races and longevity of these great animals.





Here’s what your respected Peers are saying about Prime Performance Nutrition: 

(Glowing Praise from Trusted Arab Trainers and Jockeys.)


The Plan

Estimated 2020 purchases of Maxum HA by Zabeel Feed Mill approximately 500 - 15 lb pails

Delivered price at $200.00 each for 15 lb Maxum HA or $100,000 annual cost

- Current terms are payment in advance

- transit time and approval process for PO is approximately 2 weeks via Air, 8 weeks ocean


Prime Performance Nutrition is looking to partnering with Zabeel Feed Mill by utilizing the new, state of the art production facility, current raw material inventory, and distribution network, to produce Maxum HA in Dubai UAE.

Through consultation and oversight, Zabeel Feed Mill will produce the same quality and standards of Maxum HA from the USA, locally. This will in turn increase efficiencies, cost savings and diversity for Zabeel Feed Mill by offering Meydan trainers a product they have grown to trust over the last 20 years.

It is estimated that Zabeel Feed Mill will purchase at the least, $100,000 in Maxum HA in 2020. This estimate has the potential to increase due to the availability of product without disruption due to logistical delays. 

By assigning the manufacturing rights of Maxum HA, we have a plan that would repay the initial investment in 7 years with the increased margin and assuming no increase in sales. A 20% increase in sales per year would repay this amount in less than 5 years.  Established residual payments annually will assure the involvement of Prime Performance Nutrition for the future. It is also, requested that an allotted dollar amount be directed to direct marketing of Maxum HA by Zabeel Feed Mill annually through advertising and/or sponsorships.

This proposal is for Maxum HA but also has the potential to expand to additional products being distributed within the region such as SandX, BioGold Plus, Muscle Pro all manufactured by Prime Performance Nutrition.

The purchase price will include the formula, label print file, container/packaging source and technical support. Manufacturing rights assigned to Zabeel Feed Mill only and distribution not outside of UAE. In an effort to monitor and maintain the quality standard of Prime Performance Nutrition, a sample of each lot number will be required to be sent to the headquarters in the USA for testing. It is also proposed that Zabeel Feed Mill will arrange all costs associated with an annual production meeting to discuss quality, marketing, and production topics.

It is presumed that Zabeel Feed Mill will have little if any additional investment needs for production other than the purchase/inventorying of ingredients and packaging materials. The blending, pelletizing, and packaging process will be outlined in detail following an assessment of Zabeel's new facility.  Again, this all to increase efficiencies, increase margin, and have Maxum HA available to Meydan trainers at all times.




Prime Performance Nutrition is a proven brand. 

You will have the ability to manage Ingredients on site which has become a major concern for trainers throughout the world feeding adulterated products.

In addition, you will have access to onsite visits from Mr. Jeff Butler as needed, to oversee production and add to quality control.

Zabeel Feed Mill will benefit from increased margins by producing Maxum HA onsite as well as an uninterrupted supply of one of the best products on the market, today.

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