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Chris Phillips Bail Bondsman   1 x :30

Let’s say you REALLY didn’t know that pot wasn’t legal in the state of Missouri.


And let's say you THOUGHT you paid those traffic tickets.


Let’s say you REALLY did only have one or two drinks.


Or MAYBE none of those things are completely true and you’re in a jam.


A quick call to Chris Phillips Bail Bondsman at

279-B-O-N-D will take what might possibly be the worst day of your life and slide it to the lower part of your top 10. 


With payment options available remember

Chris Phillips Bail Bondsman at

279-B-O-N-D and get out of JAIL !!!

Biggest challenge:  My client wanted to make light of drinking and driving which I wasn’t willing to do. 


The key to using humor without upsetting the general public was to lampoon his potential customers.  

(When you talk your client into laughing at his own customers’ judgment and their inability to deal with authority and the truth . . . and it really, really works.)


This commercial ends with a driver flipping "the bird” to a police officer in his rearview mirror because he knows Chris Phillips Bail Bonds will help him out.  My client told me a story that happened the day after the ad dropped. He pulled up at a traffic light, next to a police officer, whom he happened to know personally. The officer flipped my client "the bird,” and laughed as he drove away. He knew it was proof his commercial was effective and it stuck in viewers' minds

My Role:  

Writer, Producer, Director, Voice Talent

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